Ontario’s Trent looks to engage Turkish partners

Published 12/04/2024

Ontario’s Trent University has been touring Turkey to meet with high school and agency representatives, as well as university stakeholders, as it seeks to build more partnerships.

The Canadian university, which already has an exchange agreement with Istanbul Bilgi University in Turkey’s largest city, said the networking event would seek to build new ties.

“Trent is enjoying Turkey and we have met some amazing counsellors and students,” Glennice Burns, AVP International and CareerSpace at Trent University, told The PIE.

“We have visited some universities and hope to build on our partnerships.”

Universities are increasingly looking to host unique events where relevant and interested attendees will join in a bid to increase conversion rates, organisers indicated.

Among those attending the event, opened by representatives from the Canadian Embassy in Turkey, were Trent’s current president, Leo Groarke, as well as the incoming president, Catherine Bruce.

Burns was also joined by Trent faculty and the trip included visits to several Turkish universities in the city.

“We hope to build on our partnerships”

Despite the recent cap for undergraduate international students in Canada, the event shows that the country’s higher education is still committed to international engagement.

Trent was recognised top rank among undergraduate universities in Canada for growth in international partnerships and collaborations in the 2023 Re$earch Infosource ranking.

At the time, vice president of Research & Innovation, Cathy Bruce said, “Trent’s overall rankings are a testament to the university’s strengths in fostering cross-sector research and partnerships across the globe as well as here at home.”

Its 2023 distinguished research award also recognised Hugh Elton, a specialist in ancient Greek & Roman studies, who the university said has contributed extensively to knowledge of the historic area that is now in modern-day Turkey.

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