BUILA supports the professional and personal development of our members’ staff through the provision of a wide-ranging training programme delivered around the country, Regional Interest Groups, an Annual Conference and a Directors’ Forum, which provides an opportunity for Directors to meet, discuss and influence the current international HE agenda.

This year we will be offering a combination of online and face-to-face training events, on topics including:

  • New to the Sector: International Recruitment 101
  • The Next Step: International Recruitment 102
  • Working with Agents
  • Recruitment Planning
  • Conference, including International Recruitment 101 and 102

These workshops are subsidised by BUILA and offered at a low charge to our Members. Please note: you must sign-in to the Members Area in order to be able to register for training workshops.

Feedback from International Recruitment 101:
"The content of the workshop was really useful, especially for someone new to recruitment, covering some essential information such as recruitment strategies, working with agents, safety abroad and external factors to consider."
"Very enjoyable and useful day. Topics were good, and well balanced between presentations and discussions."

Feedback from Effective Conversion Activities and Tools:
"It was an excellent opportunity to meet colleagues and share ideas...this was a perfect mixture of interactivity and listening to sessions. I really enjoyed seeing people "in person" and learning from colleagues from across the country."
"We’ve been doing online events for over a year now and this has by far been one of the best. I was dreading a 3-hour zoom call but this has been excellent so well done."

Feedback from Recruitment Planning:
"I thought all the speakers gave really good insightful presentations. Really great discussions from each presentation, and really excellent networking opportunity as I am quite new in my role!
"The presentation was dynamic and enjoyable, it was reassuring to hear about past failures and experiences and to hear an honest talk about competitors."

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The programme was extremely effective in achieving its objectives and I found it thoroughly useful, thanks!