BUILA Conference

BUILA Conference 2018 'Changing the Narrative'

We are delighted that once again the BUILA Annual Conference proved to be such an enormous success. We would like to give our thanks to Manchester Metropolitan University for hosting us, to all our speakers, and sponsors and last, but most importantly, to those who took time out of their busy schedules to come and brave the heat wave. 

Under this year's theme ‘Change the Narrative’, we had an impressive line-up of speakers looking at:

  • what our European counterparts are focusing on and what they are hoping for in a post-Brexit Europe;
  • how New Zealand & Australia are achieving success, and what we can learn from them;
  • how taking a different approach can help you sustain and grow recruitment in established markets such as the India & China, and what the current and emerging opportunities are in the Middle East and Africa;
  • how generation Y &Z are now using social media and how universities connect with their global students;
  • how universities are increasingly partnering with local authorities and businesses to create a regional destination marketing approach;
  • how universities can work better with partners at different parts of the student journey such as Counsellors & Advisors and English Language providers;
  • what the latest developments are in the political and economic environment, and how this might impact on legislation and government policy with regards to international student recruitment;
  • how to develop the sales influencing, PR & media skills needed in international work.

Photos from the Conference & Dinner will be available on the members' site shortly. 

BUILA Conference Team 2018
Nancy Cooke, Fahd Asif, Philippa Collins-Robson