BUILA Conference

BUILA Annual Conference 2021

Join us for the 16th Annual BUILA Conference:
7 July - 8 July 2021

About this event

Remerging from Brexit and COVID-19 uncertainty to a proposed period of realignment and rebirth, the UK is now in a position to push the next stage of the UK International Education Strategy. Can the UK regain its position as a leading international education provider? Can universities innovate their way to success post COVID-19?

This year's two day virtual BUILA Conference, Reimagining our Reach, Reputation and Recruitment looks to the future as the UK reasserts itself on the world stage.

Under the theme we will be considering issues such as:

  • How our competitors from USA, Australia & New Zealand are planning to reimagine their internationalisation strategies, plus recover and grow their international recruitment markets post pandemic.
  • How the government’s new ‘Global Britain’ ambitions can help expand our reach through an evolving model of TNE & Partnerships.
  • What recruitment and the International Office will look like during the next phase of the pandemic and beyond.
  • How to manage reputation and risk with branch offices/campuses overseas.
  • How to beat the online event fatigue and crack conversion.
  • How we enhance the UK’s reputation and increase our global reach by truly considering inclusivity in our internationalisation strategy, using the past to create a better future.

Networking is at the forefront of this year's conference

It's important to us that members have ample opportunity to re-connect with their peers in an engaging format. Apart from 1-1 meetings, here are some of the exciting events we have planned for you:

  • Start your day off with PE with BUILA and Morning Meditation
  • Attend live events and interact via live chat
  • Reconnect with peers from around the world in the virtual BUILA Members Lounge
  • Book 1-on-1 meetings with delegates, speakers and sponsors
  • Visit the sponsor area and start meaningful discussions with exhibitors
  • Share a toast with peers by attending our annual drinks reception virtually!


BUILA members can view registration instructions and full conference details via the members platform linked HERE.

We would also like to thank all our sponsors for making this year's BUILA Conference possible.


BUILA Conference Team 2021

Nancy Cooke, Mohsin Ramzan, Philippa Collins-Robson, Nanna Pedley, Paulina Day

2021 Conference Sponsors