XEquals envisions ‘game-changing’ conversion

Published 14/04/2023

A new student conversion platform has launched in the US promising to be a “game-changer” in helping institutions reach their enrolment goals.

XEquals utilises its technology to integrate student CRMs and institutions’ digital marketing channels to create a “connected picture” of recruitment funnels.

The company says ineffective or inefficient enrolment funnels mean energy and budget is being wasted and institutions are losing prospective students.

Alex Calder, MD of XEquals said the platform “will be a game-changer in helping institutions achieve their enrolment goals”.

“Our mission is to empower higher ed institutions with the necessary tools and expertise to improve student conversion and enrolment outcomes, and we couldn’t be more excited to contribute to that goal,” he noted.

Institutions also face additional challenges due to shifting student demographics, changing priorities for high school graduates and more further education options opening up for them, the company continued.

“Our mission is to empower higher ed institutions with the necessary tools and expertise”

The student conversion platform is designed to help marketing and enrolment teams to understand the need and requirements of prospective students better, and ultimately help student find the right-fit institution for them.

Two products are featured on the platform.

X=Connect configures advertising spending that led to enrolled students and pinpoints and identifies missed opportunities. X=Convert on the other hand is designed to “improve student conversions through the funnel”.

Data, insight and expertise allows institutions to convert more of the right students and convert marketing/recruitment efforts into greater results, the company noted.

By better understanding which advertising campaigns international student enrolments came from, XEquals can help convert international applications and identify exact costs of recruitment, the company told The PIE.

“XEquals helps to understand where international students are located in the student journey, specific marketing and advertising campaigns they engaged with and what international events they attended. This is connected to whatever student CRM you use for international recruitment and shown in realtime,” a spokesperson told The PIE.

The program can integrate with 750+ student CRMs, they added.

It is also offering a free CRO audit, where the company promises to “dig into your online inquiry journey and unveil actionable improvements to boost your conversions rates immediately”.

Institutions such as Cedarville University, Brooklyn Law School and Kilgore College have already seen leads increase by up to 300%, the company concluded.

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