Toronto: sexually assaulted during work at Domino’s

Published 30/05/2023

An Indian student has claimed she was sexually assaulted while working at a Domino’s pizza store in Toronto, Canada.

The student recently posted a video on TikTok saying that the assault took place while she was working at the Domino’s store which is located at 478 Yonge St. in Toronto.

“Hey guys, can you see the store behind me? I used to work here,” the student said, naming the member of staff who allegedly assaulted her.

“He sexually assaulted me here. I have complained to the management, and no one ever took any action,” the student added.

“I’m just making this video so that everyone should know, all the girls that are coming to study here in Toronto, Canada, should know that there are people around you like this and be aware of them, and I still did not get any justice, so I’m fighting for that.”

“I have complained to the management, and no one ever took any action”

The PIE News contacted Domino’s which said it had been made aware of the allegations pertaining to one of its franchised locations.

“While this is a private matter that is being looked into, the appropriate parties have been contacted,” a spokesperson from Domino’s told The PIE.

Reports have highlighted recently how some international students have felt afraid to report sexual assault.

Earlier this year, CBC reported that the president of Cape Breton University’s students’ union had claimed some international students were not reporting inappropriate sexual behaviour because they worried it would hurt their chances of staying in Canada.

Damanpreet Singh said at least two young women have approached him about being sexually assaulted or sexually harassed.

Singh said that international students should know that speaking out about inappropriate sexual behaviour such as sexual assault, or any other crimes, would not put them in jeopardy.

Those who have been the victim of sexual assault around the Toronto area can reach out to the Ontario Network of Sexual Assault/ Domestic Violence Treatment Centres.

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