IDP set to launch AI English language test

Published 21/11/2023

IDP has launched a new online English language test which it says will give both English language teachers and students “a more personalised, engaging and enjoyable learning experience”.

The Envoy test is designed by experts in linguistics and powered by AI and can be taken anywhere in the world.

All four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking – can be tested in 90 minutes, with CEFR-aligned results available within two hours.

The international education services company says its “decades of experience understanding students and English language learning and testing around the world”, coupled with advanced AI technology, will allow students to provide a “true indication” of their English abilities.

“Envoy gives both students and teachers flexible testing and detailed insights explaining every test score,” Lauren Mcswain, marketing manager for Envoy said in a statement.

“Envoy is the result of IDP’s deep understanding of the global education community and the need for a flexible, cost-effective test for English language schools and other business needs.”

The test’s open-ended questions are designed to assess and report on English language and communication skills in real life settings.

It can also be used at multiple stages throughout a student’s English language journey, including program entry diagnostic purposes, progress checking or overall proficiency assessment.

“IDP will continue to leverage AI-powered technology to support and enhance human-centred services”

Teachers will be able to tailor lesson plans to students’ needs as they improve their English proficiency and confidence, IDP added.

“IDP will continue to leverage AI-powered technology to support and enhance human-centred services. With this next-generation English language test, Envoy will empower teachers to help every student realise their full potential,” Mcswain concluded.

The English language testing sector has seen innovation in recent years, with IELTs and ETS launching at home options during the pandemic.

Password English Language Testing announced a ‘pyjama test’ of its own in 2022, as well as Duolingo, LanguageCert, PSI, Trinity, iTEP, Cambridge Assessment English and Pearson among the many developing testing solutions in recent years.

IDP partners with more than 890 universities and institutions across Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

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