Nigeria: KC Overseas expands in Lagos & Abuja

Published 13/09/2022

Study abroad company KC Overseas has announced an expansion to Nigeria with representatives in two of the country’s biggest cities.

KC Overseas’s operations out of Lagos and Abuja will seek to support partners in processing applications to universities in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, among other study destinations.

The company – started in India in 1998 – pointed to the “huge demand” for overseas studies among students in the western African country.

“Our channel partners in Nigeria are using our cutting edge edtech platform to search, shortlist and recommend only the best-fit university to students as per the student’s interest and eligibility,” said founder and CEO of KC Overseas Pankaj Agrawal.

“There has been tremendous growth of Nigerian student applications on our platform since we launched our operations. We have received a great response from Nigeria and applications have increased fivefold in the last two intakes,” he added.

“There has been tremendous growth of Nigerian student applications on our platform”

KC Overseas launched its Nigeria operations in the third quarter of FY 2021-22, and its senior leadership team has recently visited the country.

The company joins other student recruitment specialists – such as IDP and Leverage Edu – to begin operations in Nigeria recently.

KC Overseas said data suggests that there were 100,000 outbound students from the country in 2021.

An IDP report from earlier this year, suggested that the affordability of Canadian education has been attracting an increasing number of Nigerian students – especially with pressures around rising inflation worldwide. Additionally, the paper pointed to an increasing opportunities at postgraduate recruitment in Nigeria.

Experts have also previously spoken of the attractiveness of study destinations outside of “the big five”.

Stakeholders have also in the past emphasised the possibilities to expand transnational education in Nigeria. Restrictions on distance learning have lifted over recent years, opening up new potential ventures.

In 2019/20, there were 4,368 students studying degrees in Nigeria through UK TNE, a 20% increase from 3,615 the previous year.

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