UK: iTEP partners with BUNAC on intern program

Published 13/12/2021

UK work and travel specialist BUNAC has partnered with Academic Language Solutions to use its iTEP English language exams for BUNAC Intern program participants.

Those joining BUNAC’s Intern in Britain Program from non-English speaking countries require a B2 level of English proficiency, which the iTEP exam will test.

“iTEP offers a series of career-oriented English exams like the Intern test, but also hospitality, au pair, aviation, business, and our conversation test,” Kevin Morgan, chairman of Academic Language Solutions, added.

The partnership is significant as it introduces the online, on-demand English testing into the UK, iTEP said.

“All of these exams are about 30 minutes long, are on-line and on-demand, are scored quickly, and measure spoken English skills.”

The online intern test will offer applicants lower fees, without the need to travel to a test centre, the partners noted.

“Results are returned within a few days, rather than weeks, and the test, while taken remotely, is protected by award-winning security measures,” Academic Language Solutions stressed.

“Working closely with the UK Government since 2009 to launch this unique program for students and graduates globally, we continue to be the gold standard for the UK Government Authorized Exchange program,” said Vicki Cunningham, BUNAC CEO.

“We are excited to engage in this cooperation that delivers such convenience and cost savings to our interns,” Cunningham added.

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