Shanghai Rankings casts usual suspects

Published 17/07/2018

The Academic Ranking of World Universities has again crowned the US higher education system as the best in the world, and again hailed Harvard as the best performing HEI, globally, now for the 16th year.

The rankings, which are also known as the Shanghai Rankings, have been undertaken by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy since 2009, and were previously the property of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

“Ranking indicators include the highest academic recognitions”

They specifically cover the sciences; from medicine, to engineering, life sciences and social sciences.

The results are presented by subject, and US institutions have left their competitors in their proverbial wake yet again, taking 35 of the 54 available top spots.

China, which in these results also includes Hong Kong, scored nine top places, the Netherlands swept up three, Singapore claimed two, and Australia, Belgium, and France each had one top ranked HEI.

This ranking, however, is unlike the other major international university ranking which take a multitude of indicators into account. The Academic Ranking does what its name suggests and focuses on the papers each department produces, co-authors, publishes in “top journals or conferences” or wins awards for.

“Ranking indicators include those measures of research productivity, research quality, extent of international collaboration, research with top quality, and the highest academic recognitions,” Shanghai Ranking Consultancy said in a statement.

Across the 54 areas, 4,000 institutions were ranked from 83 nations.

Harvard University was placed at the top of the global rankings due to its performance in individual subject areas. It was judged to be best in 17 academic categories,  including biotechnology, law and public health.

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University came top of two engineering categories, including Nanotechnology studies.

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