Menorca school launches UNESCO program

Published 17/10/2018

A Spanish language school in Menorca has teamed up with the Menorca Tourist Development Foundation to launch a language program to celebrate 25 years of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserve on the Balearic island.

Menorca Spanish School will offer a specialised course which will include activities related to the Biosphere Reserve and the history of Menorca, such as visits to the reserve and its attractions.

“Our students are invited not only to learn Spanish but also to experience Menorca and its richness”

“Our students are invited not only to learn Spanish but also to experience Menorca and its richness, cultural legacy and the wonder of nature the surrounds the island, almost kept virginal in this part of the Balearics,” Cristian Villarroel, business developer at Menorca Spanish School told The PIE News.

The Menorca Tourist Development Foundation is giving us all their support by their sponsorship, Villarroel added.

The international language school located in Mahon sells itself as a global school, teaching Spanish immersed in the local community.

The idea is that students will “learn by doing” via constant practice in the local community and the intercultural environment at school, and by taking academic programs that include trekking, kayak and diving.

María José Tisera, founder of the three-year-old Menorca Spanish School, said that the program is important for the school and the community as it promotes the island as a touristic and language destination.

“Every day we work to promote Menorca: we participate in international language education fairs, we work with teachers from Europe, Asia and North America, taking the message throughout the world: Menorca is a sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea, an ideal place to learn Spanish. “

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