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Facilitating Knowledge Exchange and Professional Development

Enhancing the knowledge and skills development of our members wherever they are based

BUILA has delivered an extensive programme of Training and Regional Interest Groups, facilitating the exchange of ideas and best practice. Many of these events have been delivered online or as hybrid events to ensure ease of access for our members.

Networking and Information Sharing

Responding to feedback from our members we have:

  • Increased the number of Regional Interest Group and WhatsApp Regional Groups to include TNE, International Marketing and Latin America 
  • Continued our real time communications to members around policy updates and market intelligence
  • Delivered bi-monthly Directors’ Forums which include expert updates and information from partners, government and sector stakeholders 
  • Appointed an Executive board member to ensure Regional Interest Groups remain relevant and effective 
  • Successfully combined face to face incountry RIGS with agent and counsellor briefings in Africa, India, Bangladesh and Thailand.


  • Following on from the success of our Conference session we expanded our training programme to include a new course: Working with International Schools 
  • Our 102 Training aimed at middle management level staff was revamped and enhanced 
  • We introduced a successful pilot mentoring scheme, with 19 mentor/mentee selected pairings.
Impact activity

A Partnership for Quality: UK Quality Framework for Education Agents


If you have any questions about the BUILA Training programme, please contact [email protected]