Pakistan issues TNE violation warning

Published 07/06/2023

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has issued a warning to students and parents about violations made by Pakistani institutions in their TNE programs, resulting in degree non-recognition.

“It has been observed with grave concern that several Pakistani institutions offering qualifications in collaboration with foreign universities under TNE Policy are violating HEC policies while granting admission to students,” the warning read.

As a result, students are facing problems having their degrees recognised or equivalence agreed from the HEC, the statement said.

The HEC also took the opportunity to warn all recognised domestic HEIs providing courses leading to foreign qualifications in Pakistan to ensure that they follow all the legal and procedural requirements outlined in the government’s TNE policy. If a violation is made, the student in question’s degree will not be recognised, it warned.

“The notice highlights the need for overseas universities (including those from the UK) to understand the need for due diligence when working with local partners,” the British Council said in a statement following the warning.

The notice highlights the need for overseas universities to understand the need for due diligence

“Adhering to Pakistan’s policies and meeting the necessary standards set out by local regulations will help to minimise any risk of reputational damage for UK institutions and enhance business continuity with their partners in Pakistan,” it continued.

“The HEC, which is responsible for regulating higher education in Pakistan, gives considerable importance to the quality assurance of TNE provision in Pakistan. This has become more significant with the steady rise in the number of TNE students observed in the past few years.”

According to the British Council, the total number of students studying on a UK TNE program in Pakistan has increased by 49%, from 5,950 in 2018-19 to 8,200 in 2020-21 – with the vast majority (95%) of students studying distance learning and online education programs.

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