K12: “significant” opportunities to recruit in Nigeria

Published 27/01/2023

Stakeholders called UK Boarding Schools Week an “invaluable” tool for raising the sector’s profile in Nigeria, after the event took place in Lagos in January.

Over 20 boarding schools from across the UK visited the Wheatbaker hotel in Lagos as part of the event, which is run in association with the UK’s department of international trade.

“As Nigeria grows both economically and demographically, the opportunities to recruit British-focused, English-speaking students is significant,” Katie Banks, head of sixth form at Bishops Stortford College, told The PIE News.

“Although always tricky to be out of school during term-time it was a worthwhile, enjoyable experience and we look forward to welcoming new Nigerian students to BSC in the coming years,” she continued.

The week, organised by Mark Brooks Education, saw exhibitions, meetings, media interviews and a VIP reception.

Mark Brooks reported that over 80 families attended over the weekend exhibitions – a “great result” for the event.

“UK Boarding Schools Week not only gave participating schools to meet with prospective families, but each head had the opportunity to appear on national radio and TV; one program alone was watched by 22 million viewers,” he told The PIE.

The Nigerian News Channel TVC News report was watched across Nigeria and Ghana.

Various Nigerian schools that conduct their learning with GCSE and A-Level curriculums also attended the week, speaking to various British schools to share insight.

“We look forward to welcoming new Nigerian students”

Banks said she met the headteachers of The Grange School and St Saviours’, both based in Lagos, and noted the invaluable experience sharing insight on what type of environment students might be coming from – “especially for sixth form”, she noted.

Also in attendance was British deputy high commissioner, Lagos, Ben Llewellyn Jones. In a speech at the event’s VIP reception, he said that the fair provides the “opportunity to meet the most excellent schools we have in the UK”.

“The offer is not just an excellent education but the experience of living in the UK and really the growth within the children that comes from that too.

““I am really impressed not just by the quality of education on offer but also the personalised experience the teachers are bringing to the conversations with families, trying to really match students with the right school,” Jones added.

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