IH Sydney opens new campus in South Australia

Published 24/05/2023

IH Sydney has opened its seventh campus in Australia with a new centre in Adelaide.

The school offers a “modern, interactive learning environment” in the downtown area of the city in South Australia. The provider noted Adelaide’s renown for its cultural vibrance, affordability and abundance of natural beauty.

“After getting such great response to our new Gold Coast and Byron Bay campuses, we wanted to continue into South Australia,” said CEO and owner of IH Sydney, Tim Eckenfels.

Eckenfels has led IH Sydney from a one-campus concern to its seven-centre operation.

“Our reach is global, but our culture and approach are friendly and personal. That is why people travel from around the world to get the best of both worlds,” he added. It offers courses on English language, English-language teaching and targeted qualifications in business, management and marketing.

“If you haven’t been to Adelaide, you need to go. It has a European feel with an Aussie vibe,” he added.

“There’s always something going on in Adelaide”

“There’s always something going on in Adelaide, from its festivals – including the famous fringe festival – to a food and wine culture that embraces half of Australia’s wineries!”

IH Sydney has seen “huge growth” from focusing on language provision to expand to vocational, career-focused courses including digital marketing and business, the company added.

The ELICOS sector was badly hit by border closures as a result of the pandemic, with the economy AUS$2.7bn worse off because of ELICOS losses.

EC English pulled out of its Australian operations, while BROWNS English was acquired by professional services training specialist Monarch Institute.

The 79,362 ELICOS enrolments and 73,429 commencements in 2022 were increases of 90% and 155%, respectively, on 2021 figures, Austrade data from last year showed.

Although ELICOS remained significantly down on the 156,478 enrolment and 117,293 commencement highs in 2019, English Australia noted the “remarkable recovery” in 2022 gives the organisation “great hopes” for the year ahead.

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