Strathclyde and Peking deepen partnership

Published 30/03/2022

The UK’s University of Strathclyde and China’s Peking University have agreed to “develop their strategic partnership and explore future collaborations” with a memorandum of understanding.

The agreement covers fields in management science, campus sustainability, student exchanges and establishing joint programs for decarbonisation and low carbon.

The understanding “represents a highly significant milestone in taking forward Strathclyde’s and PKU’s ambitious aspirations and joint academic capabilities in many common areas of work, especially in the fields of decarbonisation and sustainable development”, Sir Jim McDonald, principal at Strathclyde said.

McDonald was also “conferred Honorary Professorship status at PKU” during the online ceremony, for “his distinguished contribution and outstanding profile in academia” including “significant achievements in the field of energy and power”.

“Sir Jim McDonald has supported many collaborations between Strathclyde and Peking University and the UK and China,” said Hao Ping, Peking president.

“In particular, the collaborations and exchanges between the College of Engineering, College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at Peking University and the Faculty of Engineering and Centre for Sustainable Development at the University of Strathclyde,” he continued.

Since 2020, PKU and Strathclyde have collaboratively worked on a number of initiatives, including PKU’s Global summer program in July 2021 and Strathclyde’s Climate Connect events, along with the University of Waterloo, University of Stellenbosch, Malawi University and KTH. In 2021, PKU also led a seminar in Strathclyde’s Global Webinar Series.

“This represents a highly significant milestone in taking forward Strathclyde’s and PKU’s ambitious aspirations”

Hao Ping said “last year saw the establishment of a steering group between our two universities, and the formation of working groups in the areas of decarbonisation and sustainable development cooperation, which further promoted the tripartite exchange and collaboration among Peking University, the University of Strathclyde and the Royal Academy of Engineering”.

Strathclyde and PKU currently have two working groups “established for decarbonisation and low carbon” and “sustainable development/air-climate-health”.

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