Canada: providers partner on transfer program

Published 20/06/2022

A new transfer agreement between the College of the Rockies and the University of Alberta will “open other options” up for engineering students, it has been announced.

The partnership, which will “formalise guaranteed” admission into the second year of engineering study at the Alberta institution, builds on the universities’ previous Common First Year Engineering certificate agreement.

“This is a great opportunity for our international students,” Wayne Lee-Ying, manager of international education and development at the College, said.

“Learners from around the world can complete an engineering certificate in a small college environment while they adjust to life in Canada and the educational system,” he explained.

The savings for students are also “significant”, as those who complete the certificate at College of the Rockies will be benefitting from a studying at a smaller institution, with smaller classes and personalised attention from faculty.

“This is a great opportunity for our international students”

“Not only will they have access to more personalised support than at a larger institution, but they will also see a considerable tuition cost saving by completing a year at the college before transferring to a large university like Alberta,” Lee-Ying said.

The option is therefore “great” for both international students and domestic – due to the College’s success rate as a “transfer institution”.

College of the Rockies also says that according to the BC Council on Admission and Transfer, those who start at the College and then transfer to university to complete a degree are some of the most “successful transfer students” in the province.

“In BCCAT’s last two reports, the College has ranked high for student success,” said Robin Hicks, VP Academic and Applied Research at the College.

“Not only do our students have the highest degree completion rate of any transfer institution in the province, but they are also among the top performing students academically. Our faculty and support services play a big part in that success,” she continued.

To apply, students must go “directly” to the University of Alberta and meet their entrance requirements, “as they would any other engineering program”, the College stresses.

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