British Council announces Alumni UK network

Published 29/11/2022

The British Council officially launched its Alumni UK network for international graduates of UK universities in Singapore at the start of the Going Global conference.

Welcoming delegates and alumni to Eden Hall, British High Commissioner to Singapore Kara Owen, emphasised that the UK education system draws “the best in the world”.

“Here in Singapore where our history is very long and close, half of the current government cabinet have studied in the UK,” she said.

“UK universities provide students with a fantastic, solid starting point for their careers. But we all know that it’s not just about what you’ve done in the lecture hall, but experience that you get in the UK is about so much more than that. It’s got something to do with breadth, diversity, international flavour of our universities.”

The global network will allow graduates to continue learning and sharing their experience and expertise with others, the British Council stated.

“Our goal with Alumni UK is to keep that connection and energy going by building a vibrant global network for graduates of UK institutions,” Regional director East Asia at British Council, Lucy Watkins, said.

The online platform will also offer “offers a suite of online resources and opportunities for alumni to strengthen connections”.

“We want to make Alumni UK the largest active network for international UK alumni in the world,” Watkins added.

“Our goal with Alumni UK is to keep that connection and energy going”

“In my role as UK International Education Champion, I focus on increasing cooperation with governments and institutions in a series of countries around the world,” said Steve Smith.

“And I’m very glad to report that really one of the greatest assets we have in doing that are our alumni, who are the best ambassadors really for what the UK can do in terms of education. This is why I’m so pleased that the British Council is launching Alumni UK with a truly global offering for alumni to re-engage with anyone wherever they are in the world.

“I look forward to seeing it grow and hear the stories of the benefits that alumni take from it and the contributions they will make to it.”

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