UK: Kings granted ƒUAL Approved Centre status

Published 09/06/2021

Kings Education has announced a new range of qualifications that will prepare students to progress to undergraduate arts and design courses in the UK.

In partnership with the University of the Arts London Awarding Body, the foundation programs will cater to both international and UK students at three Kings locations in Brighton, London and Oxford.

The UAL Level 3 and Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design will be delivered at the three centres from September 2021.

The pathway programs are recognised by leading art schools throughout the UK.

“Kings enables art and design students to gain undergraduate study offers on some of the most renowned art and design courses at UK universities,” explained Giuseppina Esposito, Kings Art and Design Foundation subject coordinator.

“Students are offered the opportunity to explore the subject area they are most interested in and guided towards the accomplishment of a competitive portfolio – one which encompasses unique and experimental creative learning practices.”

Kings underwent a year-long process to be granted UAL Approved Centre status.

“UAL Awarding Body’s qualifications enable students to experiment and develop,” the body said.

“Students completing these qualifications will explore materials, methods and processes as they build a portfolio of work.”

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