Brazil: Belta rebrands to ‘re-energise’ market

Published 29/01/2021

Brazil’s agent association Belta has revamped its branding and marketing materials and unveiled a social media influencer as an ambassador in order to further promote safe study abroad.

The ‘new’ Belta will work to connect its agencies with the Brazilian consumer, diplomatic representatives and educational bodies and institutions.

“At a time where we need to be positive and hopeful, Belta has taken the initiative to re-invent itself”

Along with new branding for the association and its Belta Seal, which was announced in 2015, Belta has engaged a social media influencer with 115,000 followers on Instagram and 356,000 on YouTube.

Mi Alves’s 6.73 % engagement rate will also help to promote safe study travel and exchange programs to the Brazilian market, the association hopes.

“At a time where we need to be positive and hopeful, Belta has taken the initiative to re-invent itself and bring a new energy to the Brazilian market of international education,” said Belta president Maura Leão.

“Rebranding is the beginning of many new actions that are still to happen in the next months. We want the students to have a better understanding of the benefits they have when choosing a Belta seal agency to help them organise their studies abroad. Study abroad in the safest way, is one of the benefits.”

Launched on January 22, the campaign motto is, “The sky connects us”.

“The sky is only the beginning of a fantastic journey [students] can have with their experience abroad, organised by a Belta seal agency,” Leão added.

Belta will also engage clients via online events beginning in Montreal, Canada, in 2022, with Mi Alves acting as a tour conductor.

A new Facebook group will include educational institutions, government agencies and consulates, Belta agents and students to “demystify the untruths we currently have on social media” about exchange programs, Belta added.

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