MSM platform to “streamline” applications

Published 19/08/2020

M Square Media has launched a new platform for higher education institutions worldwide to connect with agents in a bid to streamline the international student application process.

Its new platform – MSM Unify – is a tool to ensure international student recruitment continues without jeopardising safety and health, and imagines a future where the process has transitioned online following the global pandemic.

“We make sure that technology is on the side of agents and institutions alike”

The platform will offer program matching, application progress tracking and invoicing all in one place, while developers say agents can increase the speed recruitment tenfold by engaging the tool.

“We designed this B2B platform to be the best of it kind to make the international transition to online recruitment as seamless and secure as possible for agents, students and their data,” said MSM vice president Global, Suneetha Qureshi.

“I am confident in saying that MSM Unify is a must-have for your agency. With such a portal every agent has the opportunity to increase the speed of their recruitment efforts by up to 10 times.”

MSM will continue to effectively pre-screen student applications prior to applying to institutions to ensure students are qualified and suitable for the institution, president of MSM Higher Ed Donna Hooker explained.

“We always expect to provide great service not only to our agents but also to our university and college partners by making sure that all the application are really complete, and we will be continuing to do that with [personal support],” Hooker noted.

MSM works with more than 20 public institutions in Canada, in addition to further institutions across the US, Europe and the UK.

“The past few months have been different. [It] has pushed every one of us to leave our comfort zones in search of something that will carry us to a brighter and more optimistic future. Through MSM Unify we make sure that technology is on the side of agents and institutions alike,” added MSM CEO and founder Sanjay Laul.

Earlier in 2020, MSM Higher Ed brokered a pathway partnership between Eton College Canada and Horizon University in Sri Lanka.

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