Academix agency announces sister company

Published 13/02/2020

Turkey-based education agency Academix has announced a sister company – Next Study Abroad – that will focus on Eastern Europe study destinations.

Announced during Academix’s Agent Training and Workshop in Istanbul in January, the new agency will focus on sending students to countries including the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary, as well as traditional study destinations.

“Demand for East Europe is rapidly increasing”

According to Selçuk Atmaca, branch manager at Academix’s Taksim Office in Istanbul, Academix, which expanded to Iran and Azerbaijan in 2019, covers many locations globally.

The new company has been created due to the rising demand for Eastern Europe.

“Demand for East Europe is rapidly increasing as they provide more achievable entrance requirements and lower fees than major countries,” he told The PIE News.

“They are also much closer to Turkey in terms of the distance concern.”

By having a new team, Next Study Abroad will ensure its agents are “experts” in the Eastern European study abroad market, he added.

Like Academix, Next will also offer language and junior courses, undergrad and postgrad degrees and VET programs in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, as well as other popular language destinations for Turkish students.

Next Study Abroad will operate out of Besiktas, in Istanbul.

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