UK govt details Erasmus+ guarantee process

Published 11/04/2019

The UK government has announced its process for supplying the mobility funds it has guaranteed to cover in the event, however unlikely, that Brexit goes ahead without a deal.

Under the negotiated – but not ratified – deal, UK-EU programs would continue to be funded until the end of the 2020 cycle.

However, the question of what may happen to students or programs post-2019, if the UK ‘crashes out’ of the bloc, remained largely unanswered until these details were published.

It is now understood that UK institutions or Erasmus+ partners must apply to the Grants Management Function to ensure they are able to continue operations, if the UK does not reach an agreement by October 31.

“The HMG guarantee will cover the payment of awards to UK applicants for all successful Erasmus+ and ESC bids submitted before the end of 2020. Successful bids are those that are approved directly by the Commission or by the UK National Agency and ratified by the Commission,” the government advice said

“We continue to recommend that applications be submitted to the European Commission or the UK National Agency for the 2019 Erasmus+ and ESC call for proposals as normal.”

The government in London had promised to guarantee EU funding (such as Erasmus+) as early as 2016, but this was later extended to cover all accepted programs up to the end of 2020.

“If the UK leaves the EU without a deal, you may no longer receive EU funding for Erasmus+ and ESC projects and may need to make a claim against the HMG guarantee,” the advice explained.

The uncertainty surrounding the UK’s presumed exit date has caused confusion for educators and stakeholders.

This guarantee will only apply to programs  already accepted by the British Council (which acts as the UK National Agency for Erasmus+ projects).

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