Study Perth launches action plan

Published 08/02/2019

Western Australia has launched its first ever international education action plan, outlining how it will achieve the goals set out in its three-pronged strategy released at the tail-end of 2018.

“It’s certainly a challenge in WA to be heard and seen because of the tyranny of distance”

The 2019-2025 action plan outlines 16 initiatives and outcomes across the three core themes of Live, Learn and Launch, and aims to improve employability options and increase market awareness of Western Australia and its capital city, Perth, as it looks to attract 100,000 international students.

“The international education industry is WA’s largest services sector – after tourism – generating about $1.9 billion in 2017 in course fees and spending,” Study Perth chairman and former Navitas CEO Rod Jones said.

“Through its recent strategy, the State Government has recognised the value international students bring to both our community and the economy.”

Initiatives in the plan include the establishment of an international student centre in the Perth CBD, a “Passport to Perth” program to encourage students to undertake extra-curricular activities, as well as the management of welcome ceremonies and a student ambassador program, as well as employability and marketing partnerships.

Study Perth chief executive Phil Payne said the action plan’s initiatives would bring the state up to speed with other regions around Australia, such as the partnership with Tourism WA to increase student awareness.

“Our research showed even students who are considering Perth don’t really know much about it, so we clearly have the same challenge as other [areas],” he said, adding upcoming events to be held in Perth, such as AIEC and the CISA conference, would contribute to industry awareness.

“It’s certainly a challenge in WA to be heard and seen because of the tyranny of distance, so AIEC and the CISA conference will help us get some visibility and we intend on exploiting that opportunity.”

The most recent year-to-November enrolments data for 2018 shows WA as the only Australian state or territory to lose ground due to decreasing vocational and ELICOS numbers.

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