Segal family funds international centre

Published 16/04/2019

The Segal family, who have run the international insurance brokers since its founding in 1998, have donated C$1m to Niagara College.

The money will be used to open a new International Centre on the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus, as well as to support scholarships, bursaries and exchanges for international students attached to the Canadian college.

“As a family, we are proud to support Niagara College’s international division”

A total of $1,050,000 has been gifted by the family. In recognition of the sum the new building will be named the Segal Family International Centre.

In a statement the College said the new Centre will “significantly” improve the institution’s ability to recruit globally, and 50% will be used to support students financially or educationally.

“50% of this gift will provide scholarships to international students attending NC, and Be World Ready bursaries for International Field Studies, semester exchanges and internship and co-op abroad, preparing students to become ‘world-ready’ graduates,” it explained.

The new centre will be the second building on Niagara College’s campuses, adding to The Segal International Centre on the Welland campus. That building, established in 2013, followed a donation of $500,000 from Keith and Sharon Segal. and Niagara College have been partners since 2002, and the institution described the family as “long-time supporters and great friends”.

“On behalf of all of us at Niagara College, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Segal family for this generous gift,” said Niagara College president Dan Patterson.

“Keith and Sharon Segal are long-standing supporters and friends of Niagara College whose passion for international education and philanthropic giving have helped thousands of students, not just at Niagara College, but across Canada.”

Keith Segal said the whole family were “proud to support… growing international [education]”, adding that it could “solve a lot of the problems in this world”.

“As a family, we are very proud to support Niagara College’s growing international division and its diverse student population,” he said.

“We feel that international education is the best tool for changing the world as it allows students to experience, investigate, understand and respect other cultures and ways of living. We could solve a lot of the problems in this world through understanding and respect for other people, and that’s what international education does.”

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