Malaysia: ELS quality endorsed by NEAS

Published 04/04/2019

English provider ELS Language Centres Malaysia has become the country’s first institution to receive NEAS endorsement, as the Australian quality assurance company continues its expansion in the Asia Pacific.

“This is an opportunity to actually be influencing the growth of ELT in the region”

The endorsement, finalised during the 2019 APAIE conference in Kuala Lumpur, sees the Malaysian-based ELS join providers in Australia, Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

“NEAS is very well known for its position in Australian education,” said Sean Chee, ELS executive director.

He added that working with an Australian quality assurance agency would help Malaysia as it works towards its international education goals.

“It is a fantastic platform for people to be recognised at an international scale, and then be on par with fellow language centres in Australia, or even in Cambodia or Vietnam,” he said.

“We’re very pleased that such international collaboration or endorsement is growing.”

According to NEAS chief executive, Patrick Pheasant, the ASEAN region is becoming an increasingly important area for his organisation – particularly considering the geographical proximity to Australia and growing competition.

“This is an opportunity to actually be influencing the growth of ELT in the region, provide some standards around quality so there can be more transnational partnerships, more articulations,” he told The PIE News.

“I’d much rather be in the space and influencing it, rather than let it develop on its own. We feel like we’re creating bridges for our Australian members by doing this operation.”

Vice-chancellor of Universiti Putra Malaysia, Aini Ideris, for which ELS provides on-campus ELT pathway programs, said the use of third parties to deliver programs was becoming increasingly important.

“We found out about ELS, we discussed and looked at the curriculum, the program, and we think this is a better program for them to get proper English proficiency,” she told The PIE.

“It is important to having any program certified or endorsed by a quality assurance agency because that shows that the quality has been recognised globally.”

NEAS has increasingly been looking at alternative ELT delivery options, endorsing its first entirely online provider in 2017.

NEAS will hold its annual conference on 8-10 May in Sydney.

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