HFH rebrands its three UK businesses

Published 11/02/2019

London-based student accommodation provider Home from Home Student Services has rebranded its three major business – London Homestays, UK Student Residences and London Study English – in order to give each brand it’s own “identity”, according to the company.

London Homestays launched in 2007 and provides accommodation support to a number of language schools, colleges and universities in London, and HFH has since moved into offering student residence options, language courses and language and accommodation packages with a number of London-based ELT providers.

“This rebrand is a testament to the confidence we have in the work we are doing as a group”

This rebranding represents a milestone for the organisation, says Steven Horrigan, director of marketing and operations.

“We have grown in such a way that the services we provide are quite different,” Horrigan explained.

“We wanted to respect each brand, giving each of them their own logo, website and style, while at the same time showing that each brand was connected and part of the same family. We are delighted with the results and this rebrand is a testament to the confidence we have in the work we are doing as a group.”

Education providers in the UK capital London Study English works with includes Malvern House, Tti School of English and LSC Stanton, among others, while HFH’s UK Student Residences platform offers accommodation to students in a number of UK cities including Glasgow, Cardiff and Manchester.

The two brands show how the company has “significantly diversified” from its core homestay business, according to James McCall, director of operations.

“We now receive as many (if not more) enquiries about student residences and language course as we do for homestays,” he said in a statement.

“Each logo had to be a stand-alone brand but we wanted it to be easily recognisable that they were all connected. The new logos have been designed to represent our continued commitment to helping people come to the UK to study in accredited schools while staying in safe, well-maintained accommodation.

“Overall we want people to look back on their time in the UK with good memories, having thoroughly enjoyed their experience,” McCall added.

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