Diversity Abroad launches second AIDE Roadmap

Published 01/05/2019

Diversity Abroad has released the second edition of its Access, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Roadmap – the “gold standard” for assisting those working in international education to boost their diversity, equity, and inclusion practices and policies.

Building on its 2015 edition, Diversity Abroad has updated its guidelines on how institutions can be inclusive and ensure diversity.

“Operational effectiveness and excellence are essential to making sustainable progress”

Areas that the guidelines cover include institutions’ communication and strategy, operations, academics and student success.

“Operational effectiveness and excellence are essential to making sustainable progress in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in global education,” said Andrew Gordon, CEO and founder of Diversity Abroad.

“The AIDE Roadmap Guidelines & Assessment provide the international education community with a robust tool for identifying, implementing, and evaluating diversity and inclusion good practices and policies,” he said.

“This is an essential process if institutions and organisations are to expand access to and effectively leverage international education to positively impact the success of all students.”

The organisation also launched its Inclusive Excellence program: a three-year program that helps institutions and organisations evaluate their current diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

By scoring universities and organisations on nine guidelines, Diversity Abroad will award participants Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels of its Seal of Inclusive Excellence.

A working group of 13 individuals from a mix of organisations and US universities provided feedback and recommendations on the redesign of the Roadmap.

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