BCCIE seals Mexican partnership

Published 14/03/2019

Another education partnership has been sealed between Canada and Mexico, with an MoU signed by the British Columbia Council for International Education and the Asociación Mexicana para la Educación Internacional.

The agreement, the first between BCCIE and AMPEI, will focus on advancing the international education agenda of both organisations, promoting two-way mobility of students and educators between Canada and Mexico and facilitating the cultural, academic, and business exchange of BC, Canadian, and Mexican educational institutions.

“Mexico is an important partner and market for British Columbia”

“We are proud to collaborate with BCCIE to help foster international education between Canada and Mexico, and to expand professional development opportunities in the international education community,” AMPEI president América M. Lizárraga González said in a statement.

“Mexico is an important partner and market for British Columbia,” BCCIE executive director Randall Martin added.

“Our agreement with AMPEI represents another step towards advancing study abroad opportunities for students and teachers in British Columbia and Mexico and signifies the commitment both organisations share in fostering global citizenship.”

The MoU was signed by Colin Doerr, Director, External Relations, at BCCIE, and América M. Lizárraga González, President, at AMPEI during BCCIE’s team BC recent mission to Mexico.

AMPEI is a non-profit organisation focused on strengthening the academic quality of Mexican educational institutions through international cooperation.

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