Lingvist records rise in UK app users

Published 18/12/2018

UK language learners have been using Lingvist’s language learning app more frequently than their European counterparts over the last eight months compared to the eight month following the UK referendum in 2016, the Estonia-based company has said.

“Our figures show that there has been a clear evolution from the first eight months after the Brexit vote”

“These results are a positive insight into what the UK will look like post-Brexit,” Ott Jalakas, COO and co-founder of Lingvist said.

“Our figures show that there has been a clear evolution from the first eight months after the Brexit vote to the last eight months when it comes to Britons’ appetite for language learning.”

Jalakas added that the UK is becoming “more culturally inquisitive by spending time learning other languages”, as Lingvist experienced growth of 203% in uptakes from UK users within the last eight months. In the eight months following the referendum, uptake was at 65% growth.

These statistics indicate that British sentiments around the subsuming of other cultures are evolving, according to Lingvist.

Lingvist also reported an increase in English-as-source users overseas, recording twice the number of English-as-source users than English-as-target users in Germany over the last eight months.

“It is also great to see that British expats living abroad are spending more time learning foreign languages, as we’d always encourage any person living in another country to use a platform like ours whilst immersing themselves in a foreign language and culture,” Jalakas said.

Jalakas added that, despite these encouraging signs, the UK has “a long way to go” when it comes to foreign language uptake as compared to other European nations.

“We’d like to call on the government and educational institutions to encourage students to take foreign language courses, to implement cutting-edge technology within their organisations to assist in this, and to promote this kind of technology for public use to ensure that the number of UK language learners continues to rise.”

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