ICEF & Academic Assembly launch ICEF Alumni

Published 19/06/2018

ICEF and Academic Assembly have launched ICEF Alumni, a program aiming to help schools and universities set up a global alumni network.

Alumni can be schools “most powerful brand ambassadors and advocates”, according to ICEF Alumni, as not only can they participate in recruitment events, but they can promote an institution by word of mouth or social media.

“Almost every institution will admit that they have very poor data”

Academic Assembly chairman Mitch Leventhal told The PIE News educators can use the service to locate and re-engage with their alumni.

“Almost every institution will admit that they have very poor data. They haven’t maintained their records, the records are inaccurate,” he said.

Universities wishing to track down international alumni can also benefit from the program, according to Leventhal.

Initial clients have included the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which ICEF Alumni has assisted with its alumni networks in Africa and Papua New Guinea.

The program is also open to schools, and ICEF Alumni has worked with American school of Lagos in Nigeria.

ICEF Alumni uses an online system called Alumni-OS, where the company will upload data that institutions have typically not retained.

“We don’t guarantee that we can locate every single alumnus, what we tell them is that we are going to develop an accurate alumni list and you can then build your relationships from that list versus the trash that you started with,” Leventhal added.

ICEF Alumni uses AIRC-certified agents to locate alumni, and through the program, agents have another source of income.

“We are bringing [agents] another product they can deliver, but can’t get on their own,” Leventhal said.

“We can bring them business that can occupy their staff but also create new recruitment opportunities also, in many cases, the institutions will be very happy to have students come as well.”

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