Fewer US jobs for int’l MBA candidates

Published 25/04/2018

International MBA students are landing fewer jobs in the US, with more than two-thirds of MBA programs that took part in a new survey reporting a decrease in opportunities available to international candidates.

According to a survey of 94 business schools conducted by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance, job opportunities for full-time international MBA students were have decreased according to 68% of responding institutions.

“It’s likely that many US business schools are adjusting their recruitment strategies”

More than 40% of respondents also reported a decline in job opportunities for international ‘specialised masters’ students, such as those taking master’s in management.

International students make up as much as 30% of the population of some business schools in the US.

According to a Kaplan Test Prep nationwide survey, many business schools are concerned that the current political climate and tightening visa rules will have a negative impact on future international student enrollment.

A further report from the Graduate Management Admission Council found that only 32% of US programs saw growing international application volumes in 2017, versus 49% in 2016.

The United States’ loss seems to be Canada’s gain, as the country’s northern neighbour reported a 77% gain in international applications, up from just 46% in 2016.

Noah Teitelbaum, executive director of pre-business programs at Kaplan Test Prep said it is likely that many business schools in the US are rethinking their recruitment strategies accordingly.

“Many business schools pride themselves on a culture that’s welcoming to aspiring MBAs from outside the US…[but] with many relying on international students to make up upwards of 30% of their total student population, it’s likely that they are adjusting their recruitment strategies.”

However, Teitelbaum added that a volatile political climate doesn’t necessarily lead to a long-term cratering of students from abroad.

“The next few admissions cycles will tell us if what we are seeing in the US right now is a blip on the radar screen or part of a more consequential multiyear trend,” he said.

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