EA and NEAS MoU “key moment” in Aus ELT

Published 23/10/2018

The peak body representing Australian ELT providers, English Australia, and independent ELT quality assurance agency, NEAS, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding which has been a labelled a “key moment” in the country’s ELICOS sector.

“The Australian and ASEAN ELT landscape is changing”

The MoU, signed at the end of September’s EA conference in Sydney, will see the two organisations work closely together to promote each other’s activities, consult on matters of mutual concern and boost the benefits for their members.

“This is a significant step for two organisations that are critical to the ELICOS sector,” said EA chair Cynthia Kralik.

“By working together, we can use our collective expertise to further enhance our already strong sector.”

Both organisations have had a good working relationship, after EA started NEAS 28 years ago as Australia’s ELT accreditation body, before government regulators, TEQSA and ASQA, assumed its responsibilities.

NEAS chief executive Patrick Pheasant said the MoU was a mutual recognition of the role both bodies played within Australia’s ELICOS sector.

“Quality Assurance and Advocacy work extremely well together, as long as there is good information exchange, especially around areas of risk,” he told The PIE News.

“Our members want to feel confident that the effort they have gone to undertake continuous and independent quality assurance is recognised, valued and rewarded. They also want to feel confident that their voices are heard by state and federal governments.”

Pheasant said the MoU would also help both NEAS and EA continue to develop their own strategies, as both look to increase their presence in Asia and particularly the ASEAN region.

“The Australian and ASEAN ELT landscape is changing, and this MoU will help formalise how the two organisations can grow reach and capacity,” he said.

Australia hosted almost 177,700 ELICOS students in 2017, a new record for the country, however, growth rates have slowed substantially.

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