College set to fill China’s gap in int’l education degrees

Published 05/12/2018

The largest operator of international and bilingual K-12 schools in China, Bright Scholar Education has jointly announced the opening of Huiyan International Education College in collaboration with Beijing Normal University.

The aim of Huiyan International Education College is to strengthen BNU’s global academic engagements and cultivate a team of international experts with the skill sets to develop, administer and teach combined Chinese and international programs.

“Our goal is to develop outstanding education professionals”

The collaboration is expected to fill the gap in international education degrees, which is currently not offered by Chinese normal universities.

Going forward, the collaboration will also allow for further exploration of internships and teachers training programs on international education, as well as the establishment of the Outstanding Educator Award for academics that make significant contributions to international education.

Chairlady of Bright Scholar Huiyan Yang offered the keynote remarks at the College’s opening ceremony, explaining that technology is constantly evolving and international collaboration is growing at an astonishing rate as China continues to advance its “Belt and Road” initiative with other countries.

“In this context, the need for professionals with international experience is of paramount importance and the demand for premium international education is increasing rapidly,” she added.

The chairlady said the collaboration between BNU and Bright Scholar will focus on various areas: “First, the college will collaborate with overseas universities to introduce renowned education institution brands and resources into China. Second, it will develop an international curriculum and operating systems with Chinese characteristics.”

She said there are also plans to set up a top international academic and research team to advance the “Belt & Road” initiative in international collaboration in education.

“Our goal is to develop outstanding education professionals and establish Huiyan International Education College as a world-class international education college,” the chairlady added.

The college will open its doors in 2019, initially enrolling 10 graduate students from around the globe.

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