CBIE strengthens collaborations on intled

Published 30/11/2018

The Canadian Bureau for International Education signed a series of MoUs to renew its collaboration with provincial bodies across Canada.

During the CBIE annual conference in Ottawa in November, the organisation’s interim CEO Larissa Bezo signed MoUs with Carmelle Mulaire of the Manitoba Council for International Education, Randall Martin of the British Columbia Council of International Education and Wendy Luther of EduNova, the body representing Nova Scotia in Canada’s Atlantic eastern region.

“At this time of unprecedented growth for our sector, a coordinated effort is even more important”

“We are delighted to reaffirm our commitment to collaboration with the goal of strengthening international education in Canada. At this time of unprecedented growth for our sector, a coordinated effort is even more important to ensure quality and sustainability,” a CBIE spokesperson told The PIE News.

All three agreements reinforced the existing partnerships with a commitment to strengthen internationalisation in Canada.

The three organisations at provincial level agreed to employ the collaboration with CBIE as a platform to share and discuss issues affecting the sector with members, government and non-government organisations, and to engage in joint activities to promote the value of international education.

The sector has been experiencing substantial growth with student numbers reaching record highs in 2018.

“CBIE and EduNova share the same goals of furthering international education in Canada and helping all who choose Canada as a study destination to be successful here,” EduNova CEO Wendy Luther said in a statement.

“We look forward to furthering our collaboration and helping to solidify Canada’s place in the world as a top study destination.”

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