English New Zealand rebrands with new logo

Published 16/02/2017

New Zealand’s peak body for English language providers, English New Zealand, has launched a new logo set to better reflect the organisation’s key value propositions and help students identify member institutions.

“We made a decision to refresh our look and develop a ‘member of’ version to assure education retailers, students, and government and academic pathway stakeholders that schools displaying this logo meet our additional and rigorous TESOL-specific standards,” English New Zealand executive director Kim Renner said.

Comprised of New Zealand’s fern iconography and green and black, the new logo is a significant departure from the former logo, and incorporates new elements meant to capture the “environmental experience students can enjoy while learning English” in the country.

Renner told The PIE News English New Zealand, which represents 27 ELT providers in New Zealand, “consulted [members] throughout the process and the end result incorporating the fern, an iconic image associated with New Zealand, embodies exactly who we are.”

She added the new logo sets have been well received by members so far. It features prominently on the association’s website, which also directs students to learn about Game On English, an English language and rugby course which is being heavily promoted in Japan in particular.

English New Zealand is one of the country’s oldest ongoing international education peak bodies, having celebrated its 30th anniversary last year.

The new logo follows several changes for English New Zealand, including appointing its first executive director, Renner, as well as working to establish a cross-sector working group for international education.

Renner said the organisation expected further initiatives throughout 2017, including a review of its strategy for capability building and market development, and hosting the Quality assurance and benchmarking in ELT (QALEN) symposium alongside its first ever conference.

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